Monday, October 15, 2012


I wish for long lazy days.
I wish for sweet company.
I wish for beautiful words.
I wish for delicious apple cider.
I wish for a good book.
I wish for inspiration.
I wish for God's hands to hold me.
I wish for smiles.
I wish for musical melodies to ring in my ears.
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I wish for beauty.
I wish for fairytales.
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I wish for laughter.
I wish for serenity.


  1. I love this. I love the pictures. Hey, guess what? Your wish came true. :) I smiled when reading this. Maybe not all wishes come true, but some do and all wishes are worth wishing anyways. Remember that. Even impossible wishes are beautiful. And sometimes ugly things are beautiful too if you look at them long enough. If you learn how to appreciate.

    1. Yes, appreciation is the key. Learning to find beauty in everything. Cause it's always there. Thank you for the comment. I am so thankful for you. :D